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We welcome pure and mix breed breeders, but they must be able to explain their breeding goals and designs.

We will not accept breeders that have just thrown together with random breeds with no thought into the necessity, health and behavioural implications from the breed.
We expect our breeders to not only have yearly vet audits but at that time to have each and every individual breeding dog health checked with a clean bill of health or action sheet with follow up implemented.

At any time if the breeder ceases to comply with the organization's code they will have their membership revoked. 

We will offer mentoring where required, advice, educational platforms and community support.
Unlike other organizations we won't dictate how you run your business we do expect you however to follow DPI regulation and have the best standards and always put money back into the dogs.

We also expect our members to co-operate with the RSPCA and AWL as required*.
Where able our members are to assist in the rehoming of dogs in need and advertise for their local rescue organisation on their social media accounts or websites or undertake their own rescue pledge.


Benefits of joining the organisation

Being part of an organisation that has only fully audited members

Our members enjoy such benefits as our mentoring program

Discounts and benefits from industry associated organisations:

  • DNA testing discounts,

  • free puppy packs,

  • pet insurance for customers

  • advertising on our website

Reasonable membership fees

Membership, contact and paperwork conducted in a professional and timely manner


Code of conduct 
All breeders are to follow their state regulation in respects to dog breeding links are provided in the member's area.
They will endeavour to put the welfare and humane treatment of all animals in their care first and foremost above what is the ordinary expectations of the organization.
They will represent the organization with enthusiasm and goodwill.  

Code of ethics can be viewed by clicking the paperclip button

Those wishing to join the organization may do so by filling out a questionnaire. In this form, we will ask questions about your breeding experience, breeding goals, and there will be a multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of basic animal care and well-being. Also, a thorough Adit will be required of your property and records as well as health checks of all the dogs on the property.


Please use the contact us section to contact the admin about joining, or email us at

Members 1year


Full members will conduct yearly audits and health checks of their dogs.

They will look to educate themselves in ethical breeding, behaviour and well  being of canines in their care.

Cost of membership $200/year

Members 3years


Gold members will have yearly audits and health checks of their dogs.

They will have certificates in animal breeding, health and wellbeing.

They will be required to volunteer as mentors to other association members.

Cost of membership is $170/year


Please read the Code of Ethics and Audit requirements prior to requesting membership.

Step 1. Read the Code of Ethics.

Step 2. Complete Joining Application Form and return to the admin along with a photo of your licence

Step 3. Contact your veterinarian and forward the Audit to them.

Step 4. Have Audit completed by licenced Veterinarian, ask the veterinarian to return completed audit to 

NOTE: Audit will not be accepted unless returned by Veterinarian directly to Admin

Step 5. Contact Admin to make sure they have received Audit from Veterinarian

Step 6. pay the membership fee

Step 7. Join members area and access downloads and information on Pet Insurance, puppy packs, assurance certificate and useful links.

Step 8. Provide admin with puppy photo and any further requested information

Step 9. Receive your welcome letter, certificate and receipt in the post

Step 10. You are a registered breeder with the best breeding organisation in Australia.


Joining application


Code of Ethics

Member Identification

All our members are easy to identify and verify.

Membership numbers are made up of members initials and the last 6 digits of their mobile number. 


All our members are listed on our breeders' page.


All our members are listed on our breeders' page. If they are not listed they are not a member!

please report adVERTISEMENT to the page they are advertising on, and also to our association, please.

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