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This organisation was formed for the purpose of educating and assisting breeders to breed ethically.

Our other mission is to bring pet owners peace of mind by tackling the most important factor in ethical breeding standards; compliance through auditing.

Buying a puppy 101

When purchasing a puppy we want to know we are buying from a reputable breeder who ticks all the boxes in animal welfare. 

All our current members have had property audits and health inspections of kennels, property, records and all dogs conducted by a registered Veterinarian, yearly. 

They have also provided photo identification to verify where they live and their personal information. 

There is no better guarantee then the above statement. Not all breeding organisations can provide this peace of mind.

Not only that but our members are easy to verify. Simply check their contact number with their membership number the last 6digits should match perfectly, use the number on our website to contact the breeder.

We update this information daily as required.

When you are talking to a breeder ask these questions:


1. How do I toilet train pup?

Most breeders will have started this in some form and can easily tell you how to implement it in your home.

2. What grooming will my puppy require?

All puppies will need some form of grooming, it may be as easy as a brush through weekly or several comb throughs and 3monthly trims or visits to a salon. All puppies will need their nails, ears, eyes and bottoms checked on a regular basis.

3. Will this breed suit my lifestyle? You may need to elaborate on this. Not all breeds will and the breeder will tell you about their breed of dog and will know if there is a possibility it is not the right fit.

4. Is there any health concerns with the breed?

This is an important question. Most breeders now undertake DNA testing of their dogs but it is also important that they know what disease can affect their breeds. Some breeds are especially prone to breathing problems, others ear, eyes or heart. It is always important to be aware of these things. This is why it is important that our breeders have a health check of their dogs during their audits, to make sure anything that pops up is looked into. 

5. Do you provide a sales agreement and guarantees​? 

All good breeders will provide a sales agreement that outlines their roles and responsibilities and what they cover in case of issues with your pup. This should include, lifetime rehoming policy, at least a 1yr genetic guarantee. A desexing policy or requirement, which includes their offer of desexing pup prior to homing or a rebate for desexing your pup. Their refund and return policy.

6.what to check when you receive your pup. 

When meeting your pup for the first time try to resist the urge to smother them with love and check the following.

  • eyes are clear and alert

  • ears are clear/clean and free from gunk. There shouldn't be anything that looks like coffee grinds or spots attached to the hair follicles.  

  • check belly of the pup for bumps or abrasions. 

  • check pups bottom area is clear.

  • take your pup for a vet check within 72hrs. 

If you find an issue with any of the above ​contact the breeder immediately if receiving your pup by transport and take the puppy to the vet for a written report. If you have the opportunity to pick up the pup, say no thank you. The minimum amount of care should ensure that the pup looks healthy on receipt. If it doesn't this is a good indicator pup wasn't looked after. All breeders have responsibility for pups in their care.

All breeders are assessed fully in our organisation by a professional who is expected to have ​professional integrity. They will be the most effective judge of a facilities ethical standing. 

       What is important!

  • Choose your breed wisely a pup is for life, this could be for 13yrs+ 

  • Look for feedback on the breeder, people who are happy will leave feedback and the breeder will display these proudly

  • Most breeders will allow you to go to the property and meet mum and pups. Their just might be some rules to follow.

  • Look for pictures or updates on full grow puppies from the breeder. 

Remember puppies will go through phases, destruction in their "adolescence phase", rebellion in their "teenage/puberty phase". A good breeder will be there to support you through this, however, training and consistency are required for a healthy, happy relationship with your dog. Research prior to owning a puppy is very important. A breeder can give the best start in life to your dog, but you must then continue with that. 


                                 BUYING ONLINE

We understand that not everyone can visit the breeder's location for pick up. Many of our breeders send pups out of state and even overseas. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a pup unseen.

Is the breeder registered with an organisation?

For organisations that don't list members please contact for verification.

Here is a list of organisations in NSW:

FFFCDB  -Fur and Family First Companion Dog Breeders INC

MDBA      -Master Dog Breeders Association

RPBA      -Responsible Pet Breeders Association

ANKC      -Australian National Kennel Club (Dogs NSW)

NCPI        -National Companion Pet Institute

AAPDB    -Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeder

Does the breeder have an ABN?

Not all breeders will have an ABN, they may only hobby breed, however, most small and large businesses will have one.

Does the breeder have a life trail? Is their website matching with their social media and contact details? Are there people commenting on their posts? Where is the location of those commenting? When was their webpage created? How far back does their social media accounts go?

There are now several Facebook pages and websites dedicated to letting people know about scams. Please search for these as they are very helpful.

Please do not buy from a backyard breeder who is breeding their pet dogs they do not understand the importance of health testing, genetics and necessary care needed for mothers and puppies.

*We cannot of course promise you won't get scammed if purchasing from breeders outside of our organisation. We can only guarantee our own breeders who have completed our stringent requirements.


Breeder policy 

All dogs come with a sales agreement.

All dogs have a lifetime rehoming policy.

All breeders will follow relevant legislation for their state or territory.

All breeders will educate themselves on the moral and ethical compass of breeding,

Breeders will ensure the health of their breeding dogs and other animals in their care.

Breeders will treat customers politely and with courtesy.

Breeders will consider whether they are breeding a litter that they will be able to home and will be bred to companion standard.



Member Identification

All our members are easy to identify and verify.

Membership numbers are made up of members initials and the last 6 digits of their mobile number. 


All our members are listed on our breeders' page.


All our members are listed on our breeders' page. If they are not listed they are not a member!

please report adVERTISEMENT to the page they are advertising on, and also to our association, please.

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