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Fur and Family First Companion Dog Breeding INC. is an organization that was developed to put our fur babies interests first and foremost by breeding ethically.

Our breeding organization hopes to attract and promote breeders that would like to breed healthy, happy companions for all diverse family groups and individuals.

When people are looking to buy a puppy they are looking for a new family member. A member of their family will spend all their days giving love and being loved.

Here at Fur and Family first we understand this. That is why we have named the organisation to reflect just that. Our desire is to bring to you a group of breeders who also share this belief and the belief that their dogs are their family members too.

Breeders do run a business, but anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that you can't help but become attached. After all, each dog has their own personality, their own needs, likes, dislikes, good days and bad. Never the less they light up our lives and bring us joy, comfort us, cuddle us, and listen to our joy and sadness. They sense what and who we are and become apart of us.

This is why we will educate our breeders and mentor them so that they understand what is required when breeding a companion for life.



All our current members have had property audits and health inspections of kennels, property, records and all dogs conducted by a registered Veterinarian. 

They have also provided photo ID to verify where they live and their personal information. 

We expect that your interaction with our breeders will be first class. However, if a problem should arise please contact us to discuss the issue.

Please go to the contact us page.

Member Identification

All our members are easy to identify and verify.

Membership numbers are made up of members initials and the last 6 digits of their mobile number. 


All our members are listed on our breeders' page.


All our members are listed on our breeders' page. If they are not listed they are not a member!

please report adVERTISEMENT to the page they are advertising on, and also to our association, please.

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